Price Transparency & Cost Estimator


St. Louise Regional Hospital (SLRH) is committed to helping patients make informed decisions about the cost of their care. In accordance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Price Transparency rule, SLRH furnishes pricing information about the items and services it provides in the following ways:

  1. A user-friendly “Guest Estimator” tool, which allows patients to calculate an estimate of potential charges and out-of-pocket costs for more than 500 shoppable services; and
  2. A machine-readable file containing a list of standard charges for all items and services that SLRH provides.

Guests are reminded that they may be eligible for healthcare coverage and/or financial assistance to help pay for the cost of their care. To learn more about available financial assistance options, please visit this webpage or call 1-866-967-4677 (TTY: 711) to speak to one of SLRH’s dedicated financial counselors.


SLRH’s “Guest Estimator” tool provides an estimate of potential charges only, based upon the information the user has provided, on the date that the estimate was created. It is not intended as a comprehensive list of charges or a final liability or payment agreement between SLRH and the account guarantor. The estimate provided by the “Guest Estimator” tool does not constitute a contract and does not obligate our guest(s) to receive the items or services from SLRH or any other provider.

The estimates generated using SLRH’s “Guest Estimator” tool do not represent a guarantee of those prices for services on the date services are rendered. When services are provided, there may be additional charges for supplies, medications, and other clinical services as ordered by the patient’s physician. SLRH reserves the right to modify these charges in accordance with organizational policies and applicable law. 

CLICK HERE to use the St. Louise Regional Hospital Guest Estimator tool

Please note: The estimate of potential charges generated by the “Guest Estimator” tool is not the same as the Good Faith Estimate required under the No Surprises Act. For more information about the Good Faith Estimate required under the No Surprises Act, please visit this webpage.


The machine-readable file of standard charges is revised at least annually, and was last updated on July 12, 2023. The file includes:

  • Gross charges for items and services provided by SLRH;
  • Discounted cash prices for self-pay patients who pay their hospital bills in full within 30 days of the date of their first billing statement;
  • De-identified minimum and maximum negotiated charges; and
  • Payer-specific negotiated charges for all payers.

CLICK HERE to download the St. Louise Regional Hospital Machine Readable Standard Charge File


The Price Files, also known as the Charge Description Master (CDM), consist of two master lists of charges related to all services, including professional fees, supplies, devices, vaccines, radiopharmaceuticals, and room accommodation charge codes for inpatients and outpatients of SLRH. The two Price Files currently in use at SLRH are:

  1. the Hospital Billing (HB) Price File, which contains the facility-related charges; and
  2. the Professional Billing (PB) Price File, which contains the professional service-related charges.

The SLRH Price Files are updated on July 1st of each year. Prices listed will correspond to prices as established by resolution of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara for the current fiscal year. SLRH reserves the right to modify these charges in accordance with organizational policies and applicable law.


For your information, SLRH also provides a list of average total charges for its Top 25 DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups):

CLICK HERE to download the St. Louise Regional Hospital Top 25 DRGs

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