Emergency Department


St. Louise Regional Hospital offers both emergency room and urgent care services for patients needing immediate medical attention. You may be wondering when to go to the emergency room and when your problem is more appropriate for urgent care. No matter where you go, a skilled, experienced doctor will provide your care, helping you get back on your feet quickly.

Emergency Care

Our expert team of board certified emergency room physicians and nurses provide high quality care 24/7. When clinically appropriate, the most critically ill/ trauma patients, can be transported (for required specialty care) by a CALSTAR 2 helicopter conveniently located on our campus.

Urgent Care

Offering a convenient alternative to the typical emergency department for common ailments such as fever or the flu, our De Paul Urgent Care Center, located in Morgan Hill is open seven days a week, including evening and weekend hours. Staffed by Emergency Department trained physicians and a team of compassionate medical professionals, who provide care for children and adults. The Urgent Care Center also has offers onsite radiology and laboratory services. Short wait times with no appointments needed.

Emergency vs Urgent

  • Emergency room: Only for serious or life-threatening emergencies, such as a heart attack, stroke or traumatic injury
  • Urgent care: Appropriate for all other health issues that require after-hours care or when you are not able to see your primary care physician (PCP)

Should You Go to the Emergency Room?

You should use the emergency department for truly serious or life-threatening emergencies. Emergency room care is expensive, and you will likely have to wait if you have a less critical medical problem.

Life-threatening or serious conditions that require an emergency room visit include:

  • Chest pain
  • Signs of a stroke such as:
    • Difficulty walking, speaking or understanding
    • Paralysis or numbness in the face, arm or leg
  • Major bleeding
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Sudden, unexplained loss of consciousness
  • Broken bones

In an emergency, call 911.

Should You Go to the De Paul Urgent Care Center?

You should go to the De Paul Urgent Care Center  for all non-life-threatening medical issues, including:

  • Minor injuries and cuts, including sports injuries and sprains
  • Colds, flu and fever
  • Strep and sore throat
  • Earaches, ear infections and sinus infections
  • Minor lab work, EKG (electrocardiogram) and X-ray
  • Headaches and rashes
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

The De Paul Urgent Care Center is the only walk-in clinic in Morgan Hill. Our urgent care center gives you easy access to care after normal business hours or when you cannot get an appointment with your doctor.

What to Bring

When visiting either the De Paul Urgent Care Center or the emergency room at St. Louise Regional Hospital, you should bring:

  • Driver’s license or photo ID
  • Insurance card (if you have insurance)
  • Credit card, check or cash for the copay or visit fee
  • A list of your medications, or the medications themselves