Birth Center at St. Louise Regional Hospital


The Birth Center at St. Louise Regional Hospital provides a baby-friendly, family-centered approach that results in excellent healthcare and outcomes for mothers and babies.

During labor and delivery, mothers stay in one of our private birthing rooms and private postpartum maternity rooms. Both include comfortable beds and special amenities for birth partners. Mothers and babies have access to OB-GYN, neonatology, anesthesiology and other specialty coverage 24/7. Lactation/breastfeeding support is also available from certified lactation specialists.

Our staff reflects the diversity of the patients we serve. Many of our doctors and nurses are bilingual with fluency in Spanish. Our care team also includes interpreters who provide translation services 24/7 with expertise in over 120 spoken languages and dialects.


Research has shown that delayed (umbilical) cord clamping for up to three minutes immediately following birth improves health outcomes for all babies. Delayed cord clamping was pioneered in our network and is now commonly practiced in hospitals worldwide.


To schedule a tour of the Birth Center at St. Louise Regional Hospital, please call (408) 848-8663 or watch our virtual tour.